How to decorate the coffee table for the New Year ?

How to decorate the coffee table for the New Year ?
You will need:
  • Coffee table
  • candlesticks with candles
  • Decorative Christmas tree
  • Little Christmas toys
  • festive tablecloth
# 1

First you need to cover your coffee tableelegant festive tablecloth.The tablecloth is desirable to choose a small size to its edges is not much hanging on each side of the table.Then set up a table on a small artificial Christmas tree, its location depends on your imagination.

# 2

next step, proceed to the decoration of Christmas trees to your desktop.Toys should be placed, starting from the bottom of the tree, larger, and as decoration, the higher the toys should be smaller so your Christmas tree will look much more attractive and aesthetic.Foot Christmas trees can impose white wool, which will create the illusion of snow.

# 3

After all the toys are placed on the Christmas tree, you can decorate it with rain and serpentine.Next, we consider directly the question of how to decorate the table.Near Christmas trees, but not too close, to avoid the fire

, we have a candle, with installed beforehand candles, select how to install themselves, according to the size of candlesticks and candles.Bigger is better to set a bit further than the small candle, this will create the appearance of a larger volume.

# 4

also can be placed on your coffee table, a basket of fruit.Combined with candles fruit give way to receive unique still life.It is important not keen on candles, their number should not be too big and not too small, here you need to find a middle ground, but it depends on the size of your Christmas trees.

# 5

Near Christmas trees, can also be placed, figurines of Santa Claus or other fantastic Christmas characters, all depends on your abilities and desires.For decorate a table for New Year, and decorations must comply with the festive atmosphere.

# 6

To the basket with fruit, add a bowl of candy.Now modern candy, available in colorful wrappers such that only one of you can draw any fine celebration.Thus, the candy will give the table a variety of colors, which is very important during such a big fabulous holiday like New Year.

# 7

Turn on your imagination, think of other decorative elements, which may be appropriate are placed on your table, but do not forget that too intensive decorating can spoil the look of the table, all should be in moderation.