How to join the library ?

How to join the library ?
You will need:
  • passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation
  • Student ticket
  • Residence permit sojourn
# 1

Regular readers of the most liked the library may well be any of the Russian Federation, a citizen of the city of residence.In that case, if you have the actual city of residence is not the same, with a residence permit in the passport it can not be a refusal to admit visiting the library.

# 2

order so you can join the library prerequisite is the presence of the passport of the Russian Federation citizen with a residence permit or a temporary registration at the place of residence, if the residence permit in the passport and the actual registration differ, in such a situation, it may be necessaryprovision of temporary registration document.If the reader of the library is going to be a person below the age of fourteen years of age, then the issue of subscription and registration process is carried out on the basis of the passport of his legal representatives, which include p

arents or guardians.

# 3

There are several classifications of libraries.So, they are divided into public and specialized.Among the specialized libraries include the types of working only with the literature of foreign language content.To answer the question of how to get into the library on relevant topics, you must be clear about their own strength, which you need for the study of foreign literature presented in the original.And free enough to possess the necessary foreign language.

# 4

there are libraries, characterized by a large selection of specialized literature according to the profile of a particular educational institution at universities.It is very convenient to visiting a specialized library to find interesting and necessary information in printed sources.In order to get to the library located at the school must be a student of this university.To constant visits the selected library must use issued on the basis of an identity document library ticket.

# 5

Libraries presents a wide selection of books on various subjects, so it is useful to register in person to the library to work on how a document.In some rare instances across archives.A person who writes any kind of work, will be very interesting to find out how to get to the library, also a lot of interest in this matter will cause lovers of literature.