Processing bark beeswax

Processing bark beeswax
You will need:
  • Beeswax, water
  • 2 metal containers, one must be smaller than the other
  • lint-free cloth, sandpaper grinding grit 1000
  • Brush, linseed oil \ rosin + turpentine
  • hair dryer for drying hair
# 1

Take the 2 metal containers.We draw attention to the fact that one was smaller than the other for the water bath.The capacity of a larger pour water.Take a small saucepan, if it does not, its role is ideal for tin can from under lemonade or beer.To construct a water bath and set on fire.

# 2

The smaller container to put the mixture of birch bark processing.If the bark will serve dishes - cut knife beeswax and linseed oil 3 \ 1.If, however, it will bark decor element, the beeswax with the addition of rosin 4 \ 2.Navigate to the need, which will then be used the product made of birch bark.For the treatment of kitchen utensils, the use of rosin and turpentine, of course, unacceptable.Wait until the wax melts and lightly stirring, bring our mix to a liquid state, the consistency of t

hick cream.

# 3

While our mixture reaches the right consistency, take a look at how to handle the bark beeswax, before its application.Pre-grind the bark cloth.The main thing is not to overdo it, enough to remove the top layer slightly.Remove the extra garbage and start to warm-up.For this we need a hair dryer, you should note that it should be included in the maximum temperature.Birch is warm uniformly over the whole area, avoiding overheating.This is done in order to evaporate excess moisture from birch bark, which it absorbed in itself.

# 4

And our mix brought to the desired consistency, elm prepared - Remove from the heat and proceed directly to the treatment.Brush gently drip the mixture on the bark.Take a small piece of cloth, it should not leave any lint, it is better to use a felt, and spread the prepared mixture so as to properly process the bark.To do this, carefully rubbing the mixture into each square centimeter of bark, strictly on the direction of the fibers otherwise we risk getting ugly divorces.

# 5

After the bark is completely covered leaving it to one or two hours, the mixture is completely absorbed.After that, if there is a surplus, remove and wipe the product.How to process bark beeswax, if there is a divorce or small areas that are not covered with a mixture - repeat the procedure again.With the only exception that no longer need to shkurit bark.One has only to pre-heat the mixture before applying the product.