How to care for amber ?

How to care for amber ?
You will need:
  • Soft cloth, lint-free, warm clear water
  • Tooth powder, refined paraffin
  • fine sandpaper
  • Refined olive oil
  • Fabric bags for storage of products from amber
# 1

Based on the fact that amber is not dark, and its surface is covered by a large number of microcracks that are clogged with dust and dirt, to return his former sunny color and luster, it is necessary to remove this contamination.If browning small enough to regularly wash the ancient resin in warm water, then wipe dry with a soft cloth or flannel flannel.New purified or washed and wiped dry, amber product should soak refined olive oil, then carefully wipe with a soft cloth.Then solar resin pores are filled with oil, and the mineral is less darker.

# 2

If the color deterioration and loss of gloss is already critical, you have to resort to more serious actions, to learn how to clean amber in critical condition.It is necessary to proceed with the enhanced grinding and polishing.For this fit tooth powder - a damp cl

oth applied to the surface of beads, carefully wiped, and then wash in warm water.Wipe dry, polish.You can use a paste wax and tooth powder, then wash before polishing is not necessary, simply remove the leftover pasta and strongly rub dry with a soft cloth.

# 3

If this did not help, it is necessary to perform more in-depth sanding.To do this, the most fine sandpaper gently wipe the surface of beads or stones and polish.It must be done, to begin with, on the back side, and if the result you want, proceed to the entire surface of the stone.To avoid such problems, you should always remember how to care for amber.Do not carry in your pocket hard and sharp objects - this soft mineral very quickly scratched and cracked.Avoid sudden changes in temperature - frost and strong heat.

# 4

Do not wash any detergents, cleaners, aggressive media - due to the effects of chemicals on the stone may appear hazy white film, which removes only a specialist deep grinding and polishing.Do not keep a long time in direct sunlight, do not always keep in the dark - young and colored mineral fade, fade and old.It is best to regularly make these ornaments for a walk in the morning or evening.

# 5

not wear such jewelry in the early charges, that they are not hit lacquer spray for hair, a drop of perfume, powder and dust from the shadows, the remnants of cream for hands and neck.After each donning desirable to wash and rub the jewelry.Keep this exquisite natural stone must be in a warm wooden box, upholstered in a soft cloth (velvet, velor, etc.), And each unit in a separate fabric bag (apart from the pendant chain, earrings separated from each other, and others.).