How to check the natural amber ?

How to check the natural amber ?
You will need:
  • Brine - 8-10 hours spoons of salt in a glass of water
  • matches or lighters
  • alcohol
  • sharp object
  • flap wool
# 1.

in order to determine the natural amber, lower it into the saline solution.If natural stone, it will immediately rise to the surface, while forgery will lie on the bottom.This is related to the density of the material itself.Natural amber - a stone is very light, and its fake plastic or synthetic resin have a higher density and float.

# 2

Check the authenticity of amber is possible and with the help of fire.Apply to sample a hot needle.If you feel the characteristic smell of resin, before you natural stone.If you smell a sharp, chemical, before you fake.You can also put a small piece of amber in open flame.Natural light up on the second and third will emit a pleasant smell of rosin and fake you distinguish the black smoke and a sharp "plastic" smell.

# 3

often under the guise of offering customers amber copal, the so-called young or immature amber.Th

e question arises: how to determine natural amber to you or digging?For this enough to put on a stone drop of alcohol in an inconspicuous place, and attach to the finger.If the stone is stuck - before you dug, if not - natural stone.If instead of alcohol use acetone, then left Kopal spot.

# 4

Identify fake, you can use a sharp object.In an inconspicuous place of stone, for example, near the hole, try a sharp blade to cut the strip of material.If this is done simply and strip spiraling, before you simulated.Natural amber, unlike forgery by mechanical action forms a dust or fine powder.

# 5

Another way is to check the amber is the use of woolen cloth.As a result of friction on the surface of the stone is going to a negative charge, which causes attract small pieces of paper, hairs and other small items.Of course, this method has a big disadvantage: the static electricity occurs and many plastics.However, if the amber is not electrified, it is 100% fake.

# 6

should also pay attention to the inclusions present in the rocks.In natural amber insects will be in a natural position (ants with no sticky feet, fly with spread wings, etc.).Identify fake help and insects that can not physically be in the centuries-old amber.