How do I get the knife does not rust ?

How do I get the knife does not rust ?
You will need:
  • Knife
  • Solidol, lube
  • Fish oil
  • felt or cloth
# 1

Any housewife knows that the knives in the kitchen is always clean and shinyonly those who constantly use.But remember, good knives that do not rust, virtually non-existent.Stainless steel kitchen knives are soft, they are easy to bend and they quickly tupyatsya.Causes rust knives are manufactured from various grades of steel, having all sorts of additives and impurities of other metals.This is done to create products for various applications and various properties such as resistance to blunting, flexibility, stiffness, mass, and others.As a result of oxidation of metal with oxygen, water, salt rust appears on it, that leads to a change in the properties of the knife and the loss of appearance.

# 2

Many are beginning to look for methods of how to make that the knife does not rust and is preserved in decent form for a long time.But such methods are not many.For kitchen knives technique is simple and reliable, it is use

d to keep the knives after working in dry and clean, separate from other dishes.For frequently used knives using fish oil.Oiled cloth, wipe them washed the knife after cutting products and store it in an open rack or on a special hanger.

# 3

Hunting knives should be washed and cleaned with a cloth soaked in engine oil.It is not recommended to store after hunting knife in a sheath, as they could get wet.For knives stored in a sheath, inside which you need to consolidate the felt, which will wipe and polish it in contact with the blade.Knives for diving and those who interact most frequently with aggressive media are well lubricated with silicone grease from a container.

# 4

It often happens that the knife rusts improvised way of valves and springs.It can protect all of the above methods, as well as rubbing it raw potatoes.Folk remedy recommended to avoid the appearance of rust on the knife "often cut fat", that is to grease after use in animal fats.The basic rule to your knife does not rust, it is to keep it clean and dry.