How to start a conversation ?

How to start a conversation ?
You will need:
  • Good knowledge
  • sense of humor
  • friendly attitude
  • positive mood
  • ability to properly express it
# 1

To start a conversation with your interlocutor, firstyou need to define the purpose and theme of the upcoming conversation.Show the person with whom talking, his intelligence, but does not operate too arcane phrases and words.It is best to start with some simple question on a given topic to a friend that he felt your interest in its opinion.

# 2

Communicate in an easily accessible language.If you can not make contact quickly, use a proven method for many business people - to find common acquaintances.That is, you need to know about the enthusiasm and surrounded by the interlocutor.It may happen that you have common friends.This will significantly influence the duration of the call.

# 3

the question "How to start a conversation?" Psychologists respond that the best way to find a common language with unfamiliar person can use the usual jokes.You can not be discrim

inated against or too carefully to the interlocutor: it will cause him discomfort.Humor, in turn, can pull you out of any awkward situation, liberated tense face or bored silence.This means that the conversation can begin from a joke, for example: "I heard recently ...".

# 4

If you are dealing for the first time with this person, do not be afraid to ask him questions.Your interest in his personality will cause a reaction.After a brief autobiography, your friend calls - and the conversation will be easier and more enjoyable.Also, do not vent to the interlocutor, it is unfamiliar, or vice versa, your bad mood, be positive.Anyone who is able to vent their anger at his friend, did not know how to start a conversation, because they allow themselves coarseness.With such a man do not want to talk to anyone, it can cause an aversion to his personality.

# 5

In addition, interesting start a conversation with a knowledgeable and largely smyslyaschie man.So you need to be literate and well-read.You should also use words correctly, that there was no misunderstanding.Be sure that what you are talking about.But the main thing - never forget to maintain two-way communication, that is, give the other person to speak, interested in his opinion.Start the conversation - it is always difficult, especially if this person is unfamiliar.But, using his charm, humor, intelligence and culture of speech can be avoid discomfort and difficulty in communication.