How to protect nature ?

How to protect nature ?
You will need:
  • nets "string bagsĀ»
  • linen or canvas bags
  • synthetic winter clothing
  • information about the environment
# 1

Analyze the structure and volume of consumed youfood products and services and give up or reduce the purchase of those goods and food, the production of which causes maximum damage to the surrounding nature you.Reduce or eliminate entirely the consumption of animal fats, all kinds of meat (especially pork).Do not buy fur clothing, especially mink coats.In winter, use the knitted cap instead of fur and can be worn hats and outdoor clothing and shoes from synthetic fabrics with modern synthetic heaters.Many travel to the North Pole and Antarctica enthusiasts, do not use in their fur and leather outfit, demonstrated the fallacy of statements about the need for fur clothing in cold regions.

# 2

How to protect nature?How to behave so as not to cause more harm to the environment?Think about it, intending to multi-day hiking with overnight stays in the forest.If you ar

e going to build a fire, always keep in mind the risk of forest fire.Ask how to properly extinguish a fire and how long you need to wait to one hundred percent sure that after your departure will not have the source of fire.Do not cut trees and branches for camping or other uses, use fallen trees.If you are staying on the banks of a river or lake, never use nylon nets for fishing, being abandoned or forgotten in the water for centuries, these networks will harm the nature.Criminally the use of so-called "elektroudochek", they kill all the fish caught in the zone of their action.

# 3

Human wastes increasingly pollute the environment which is why you need to protect nature.See how many lying outside of plastic bags and packaging made of plastics.Do not use in household disposable plastic bags.Buy mesh "shopping bags" made of natural materials and linen or canvas bags.Scraps of plastic bags, falling into ponds, rivers and seas for centuries are there, do not decompose and accumulate in the stomachs of fish and marine mammals.Do not buy or eat black caviar and sturgeon and then you personally will engage in poaching in the Caspian Sea and the Volga delta.Did you know that in the fifties of the last century (sixty years ago) in the Volga caviar was cheaper than bread, which she had smeared?People bought in coffee shops sandwiches with caviar, caviar looked like, and ate the bread.Did you know that prior to the construction of hydroelectric power plants in the Volga River water has been drinking?