How to pass the housing rental ?

How to pass the housing rental ?
You will need:
  • own free apartment
  • agent
  • Notary
  • Lease Agreement
  • phone and a local newspaper advertisement
# 1

It's not a secret,that the apartment can be taken in two ways.The first of which requires not only initial cost, but costs and monthly.But the second way (the most common) does not require any financial investments.Let's look at them in more detail.

# 2

first - it is a legitimate way.Once you have there is a need or an opportunity to take shelter in rent no matter for how long you can go to a real estate office.For you to do everything themselves, from you will only be required to arrive at the appointed place at the time of signing the contract - the lease and get the advance payment from the tenant.All documents signed by a notary public, and it is certified.But this method of how to pass the housing rental costs and require regular payments.

# 3

from individuals law will require its 15% of the monthly rental cost, as private entrepreneurs pay a notary only 1% at

registration.In addition to this scrip, which will have to pay a broker or a real estate agency at all and for all different.It all depends on the level and reputation of the agency, as well as the value of the leased property.

# 4

All papers are added and filled in accordance with the laws of our country.3-4 notarized copies that are stored in each side to participate in the transaction.The documents necessary to mention about all the nuances of what is allowed and what is not possible.For example, if the tenant made repairs, you need to state a further 15% of the costs.

# 5

There is also a second option (the most common) how to take shelter, and at the same time at no additional cost, but it is illegal.All you may need because it is only a telephone and a local newspaper advertisement.Having bought the latest issue of a newspaper, you have yourself looking and ring up all the phone numbers suitable for your ads.Such work can not immediately award you a successful result.But do not be upset.

# 6

Alternatively, you can manually place an ad on delivery of the apartment.Be sure to include a contact telephone number, preferably a mobile, for whatever skip more than one call.Wait until you make a call.Once the right person is found, take a copy of his document, pre-checking them against the original.Then hand the duplicate key (leave one copy at home) and in return will receive an advance payment for several months in advance.