How to find gold in the river ?

How to find gold in the river ?
You will need:
  • Area map
  • Metal
  • tray washing soil
  • Bucket
  • Shovel
# 1

Before starting the search should be to make sure that the gold there in the river.If it has already been mined, then there is confidence that your predecessors it's not selected, if there is no indication of the presence of gold, then you should not waste time.Gold is almost twenty times heavier than the river water and the trajectory of its movement in the river is fairly predictable.In that case, if the river makes a sharp turn and changes its normal direction, the flow of water changes the position of gold, but it can not simply move the stones.Therefore, the map should identify these places and start searching from there.

# 2

Searching for gold in the rivers should be guided by the following rule, the closer to the turn of the river, the scattering of golden sand will be more powerful, and moving away, it becomes wider, but reserves the power decreases.Before you find gold in the river, probably need to spe

nd more than one soil survey, so if the first attempt did not work, then do not despair and continue to be attempts.The selected site should be evaluated with the help of a metal detector and if it will give the desired result, it is possible to start washing the soil with a special tray.

# 3

soil flushing using a tray, despite its apparent simplicity, a fairly complicated procedure and requires a certain skill.Therefore, before starting the search should first work out, if you do not have the skills.Washing gold in the tray is usually split into the following steps: Set the pan in the river, wiping crest, removal of gall, the deposition of gold dust, wash light particles, washing Ephel, weaning gold, wash gold cup.It should be remembered that close attention should be paid to the inner bend of the river.Gold in rivers often deposited here.The accumulation of gold in these areas occurs through hydrology.The water is moving much faster on the outer curve of the channel waterway than on the inner.

# 4

If you find after washing on a tray of gold grains need this place to examine more closely and identify the places with lots of gold and begin production.Before proceeding with the extraction of gold even in small quantities should be familiar with the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation.Poacher gold mining is a crime and punishable by law.Therefore, before starting the search do not forget to issue the relevant documentation.Good luck in your search.