How to drain the swamp ?

How to drain the swamp ?
You will need:
  • Measurements of soil
  • Drainage pipes
  • Vlagoprovodyaschy ground
  • Crushed
# 1

analysis of forthcoming works.
In order to get rid of a wetland on your property, you can use several methods, but in essence they all lead to the drainage works, you need to start with the fact that to find out the causes of land swamping and on that basis to decide what work should be carried out.

# 2

Events to get rid of swamping territory.If
swamping the soil is due to the precipitation, the method of getting rid of the swamp is quite simple.In this case, the method drainage of wetlands will be used to create a surface layer of soil with good drainage properties, as waterlogging is due to the fact that close to the surface of the soil is clay layers, which do not allow water to soak in, holding it to the surface.To create a good surface drainage is sufficient to lay open drainage ditches, and on top of falling asleep sandy soil, which is a good moisture to drain, and take it away.In addi

tion to the sand, you can use any soil with a low content of clay and loam rocks.

# 3

much more difficult to carry out drainage works if swamping territory caused by closely groundwater.In this case the question is how to drain the swamp is particularly acute, as these swamp areas expanding over time.If you want to deal with groundwater, the most successful solution is to drill drainage holes in the bottom layer of depth groundwater.Again, for a start you need to conduct a series of measurements and soil samples in order to determine how deep and how many drainage holes need.Having defined this drilling can proceed, and then installed in the wells received special pipes with perforated walls, in that poured any drainage material, since conventional sand to gravel.Often the mistake is in the drain shaft is filled with rubble without the use of pipes.This leads to the fact that after a while rubble clogged with clay rocks and eventually ceases to perform its function.

# 4

Planters work.
Take water in natural underground drainage system, it is possible to take care of the soil and the surface to which it is recommended to plant plants that absorb large amounts of moisture and with an extensive root system.They will be well protect the soil from erosion and also a natural way to display some of the moisture.