Decorating wedding car with his hands

Decorating wedding car with his hands
You will need:
  • tape
  • tulle
  • bows
  • thread
  • needle
  • fresh flowers
  • stickers
# 1

So, are you thinking about how to decorate cars,wedding.The original is to determine the car, or rather its brand.Alternatively, the same machine can be selected.But best of all, if the procession will consist of black and white cars.And it will be interesting when the cars for the guests will be different from the brand of the car the bride and groom.

# 2

In order to decorate the car, you can use the tape on the hood.They can rent, buy or even make your own.Take tulle and tied it in different places ribbons.Top Attach bows or flowers.The resulting strip is folded in half.Middle angle shape that you want to secure with needle and thread.At the ends of tulle, it is necessary to fix a rope or rubber bands, because with them it will be attached to the inside of the hood.

# 3

can use another option decorations.It is necessary to lay down tulle in two layers, covered with the hood and on the inner side

securely.The top layer should decorate as you like ribbons, bows, flowers, etc.The trunk will look great, if it is to place a huge bow, made of tulle.

# 4

Many experts believe that the most beautiful ornament for the car is the use of fresh flowers.But then the tuple speed should not be higher than 60 km / h.It should immediately be noted that this type of decoration is not cheap, and not all flowers can long endure heat or cold.

# 5

Decorate the main vehicle in the motorcade can be both classical and modern ways, depending on personal preferences.Some people still use the puppets or the ring, others seek to add to the decor its own flavor.Someone uses the polar bears that can be dressed in costumes of the bride and groom.You can also invite an artist who draws on the hood of an interesting pattern.But most importantly, do not need to overdo it with decorations.Minimalism is always in fashion.

# 6

To decorate the wedding car with his hands do not have to have special skills.With imagination, you can decorate with interesting and unusual motorcade.Best of all, if the stand will be only the first two cars, and the next will be decorated with the same and not too pretentious.Suffice it to several bands and ribbons on the handles.Good luck!