How to make a carnival costume ?

How to make a carnival costume ?
You will need:
  • Different fabrics
  • Cardboard
  • Thick paper
  • thin and tissue paper
  • Wire
# 1

to figure went convincing and alive, it is necessary in the selectioncarnival costume data to take into account natural and nature of the child for whom it is done.It is important that the child fully into the role, and he felt those he represents.Furthermore, it should take into account the age characteristics, for example, bird costumes, animals or flowers are more appropriate for children under age group.Costume must be colorful, vivid and expressive form.

# 2

Before embarking on the production of fancy dress, you need to clearly present the image generated by the character, reveal his characteristic traits skillfully select them and will certainly strengthen.To do this, you can borrow highlights costume with illustrations, reproductions of paintings, caricatures and drawings.

# 3

start creating costumes should be a blank patterns.If they are taken from the drawing, they are increased

to the desired size using graph paper or mesh.In the event that there are no drawings of patterns, but there is only the image of the costume, you need to find a suitable for him on a style contemporary a pattern, to take from it the basis of cut and produce fit the size of the figure when fitting.

# 4

Translation patterns on the fabric is made using carbon paper.

# 5

Carnival costume can be made from many different materials available at home.The main thing that they have in their density, lightness, color and character consistent with what was intended suit.Or perfectly imitated wool animals, thin and delicate flower petals and so on.

# 6

Cardboard can be used for the manufacture of bulk and planar shapes and parts of the costume.Often it is used to create hats - hats musketeer, wizard cap and so on.

# 7

Thick paper is ideal for the manufacture of collars, fans and other components conceived costume.

# 8

thin paper is best used to create a scrolling details carnival costume.For example, a great beard comes out of it.

# 9

robust but thin wrapping paper will serve as a good material for mail.

# 10

corrugated and tissue paper are indispensable in the manufacture of shells or fish scales and cuffs, flounces, frills, bows, flowers and lace.

# 11

papier-mache mask can be any shape.In addition, the mask can be made of any material, they are more convenient and easier than papier-mache.

# 12

Soft wire can be used to create frames for the wings, fins fish, crinoline skirts for lush, antennae of butterflies and grasshoppers, rods for trunks, tails and feathers.

# 13

As you can see, in every house there is enough material to produce a truly magical carnival costume.Give your children the joy and make them a regular New Year's memorable for a lifetime!