How to make a New Year's mask for your child?

How to make a New Year
You will need:
  • Balloon
  • Colored cardboard
  • Old newspapers
  • PVA glue
  • knife and scissors
  • Pencil
  • acrylic paint or gouache
  • Christmas decor
  • Ribbon
# 1

Before you proceed directly to the manufacture of a New Year's mask, think carefully about the way in which your child will perform at the Christmas party.You can prepare in advance the image of the image to be obtained: fantastic character, the muzzle of a beast cartoon character.You can think of something of their own.

# 2

now should prepare the ground for future mask.It will be created on the basis of papier-mache, only in old newspapers, rather than sculptural clay will be used as the starting material.

# 3

Cut the paper into small pieces.PVA glue pour into any container and soak in it pieces of newspapers.Then inflate the balloon to a size commensurate with the size of the children's faces.

# 4

Stick the ball on the prepared paper and let it dry completely.

# 5

Once the foundation is ready, proceed to the crea

tion of a New Year's mask shape.Drain and cut the ball along the preform.The layer of paper is thick and keep the same shape, which gave him a balloon.For New Year's mask need only one half of the resulting shape, but the second part can always be used for the manufacture of another mask.

# 6

Now you need to cut holes in the mask for the mouth and eyes.Make a pencil mark in the right places, and then a knife and scissors neatly cut symmetrical holes.

# 7

The next step is the design of a New Year's mask.If there is a need to add auxiliary elements such as mustache, snakes and other things, use the cardboard.With adhesive glue necessary details.Then you can start to paint your child's mask.To do this, use the thick acrylic paint or gouache.

# 8

To paint the mask correctly, use the pattern-harvesting, by which you can give a realistic mask.

# 9

After painting can be applied to mask Christmas decoration - paste beads, beads, tinsel and stuff.Finally sew on both sides of the mask stretch tape that will hold a New Year's mask on the baby's head.

# 10

make a reality of the most cherished dreams of your child - turn it into your favorite hero!We wish you a good and successful holiday crafts!