How to decorate the bar for the New Year ?

How to decorate the bar for the New Year ?
You will need:
  • Artificial branches of spruce
  • Garlands
  • Christmas balls
  • Tinsel and other decorative elements
# 1

Previously, the bar can be found only in bars and clubstoday it has become popular in homes.The dimensions depend on the location of the rack.For bar choose large bars, and for the apartments is already smaller.The acquisition of such a comfortable piece of furniture does not require huge financial costs, so if you want to add zest to your interior, the bar will certainly come up.

# 2

On the eve of New Year's all starting to decorate their apartments, offices, home to a festive atmosphere to enjoy every day.The bar also deserves a Christmas decoration, in fact it will be pleasant for breakfast or tea for the decorated bar.

# 3

«How to decorate the bar?" - A question that interests many owners racks.The answer is simple: Be a fantasy, and then your bar is the most elegant and beautiful.To start up zadekoriruyte garlands rack that will cover all of your rack.Next, yo

u need to decorate the whole rack of artificial fir branches, but do not overdo it.It is possible to create small compositions, which will consist of spruce branches, Christmas balls and tinsel.Watching such compositions stylish and cool.You can add in the center of the composition of artificial flowers that give the interior a freshness and originality.

# 4

Once you have created such a garland of small compositions, they can be decorated with beads, which will hang.You can also add ribbons of colored paper, which will give the lightness of the composition.

# 5

Decorate New Year we usually all!Do not be afraid to exercise your imagination.Use any decorative elements to decorate the bar for the New Year.Be sure to use the balls, which are an essential attribute of this holiday and do not forget the tinsel, and, of course, an artificial Christmas tree, which will be the final stage.New Year's beauty set on a countertop.

# 6

When decorating the bar always follow one rule: do not overdo with colors, it is best to use 3-4 colors to your decoration did not look too provocative and tasteless.Create a cozy Christmas atmosphere to celebrate the holiday in a good mood!