How to decorate the kitchen to the New Year ?

How to decorate the kitchen to the New Year ?
You will need:
  • Decorative painted glassware
  • Christmas tinsel
  • Scented candles
  • spruce or pine paws
# 1

Substantive preparations for the New Year celebration takes place in the kitchen: itthe room is used for cooking and food storage, preparation of meals to the supply and collection of the used dishes.Despite the ongoing cooking, the kitchen even need to decorate for the coming New Year.

# 2

Unlike other facilities, guests rarely go to the kitchen, as this room is designed for the hosts.Accordingly, it can be sacrificed for the sake of convenience decor devices for cooking food.It is important to preserve the functionality of food, in particular to release as much storage space semi-finished food ingredients and products.In addition, there must be a free work space, not occupied decor items.

# 3

Before you decorate the kitchen, in the room you want to spend a little cleaning.In particular, it is necessary to get rid of the dust on the window sills and furniture, wash floors,

throw long been used by the things that you are unlikely to be useful in the coming year.

# 4

When cleaning is completed, should be to decorate the walls of the room.This can be done using conventional tinsel, attaching it to the threads, suspended from the ceiling along the walls.Try to make the tinsel did not touch the food, and did not interfere with cooking.Follow fire safety rules, in particular, keep flammable decorations away from open flames.Articles of paper at the kitchen decorating should not be used as indoor humidity is increased, resulting in damage to jewelry.

# 5

Pine or fir foot can be put on the shelf and attached to the kitchen wall.For diversity in the design of the room should be used Christmas toys to be placed so that they do not interfere with the process of cooking.

# 6

kitchen walls are decorated with a garland of the New Year, we fix it with a small construction nails.Scotch too fast breaks under the weight of a Christmas garland and thumbtacks can damage the wiring.

# 7

The kitchen is undesirable tree: Christmas Beauty will hinder movement and cooking.Especially spruce is usually nowhere to put: all the space occupied by the kitchen furniture and equipment for cooking food.

# 8

fridge magnets you can attach to a Christmas theme.Create a festive atmosphere and help all sorts of decorative trinkets, such as scented candles, and a painted stylish tableware.