How to decorate the nursery for the New Year ?

How to decorate the nursery for the New Year ?
You will need:
  • fir or pine
  • Christmas toys
  • Christmas tinsel
  • Images of Santa Claus, stickers, snowflakes
  • Garlands of balloons
# 1

First of all, in the kindergarten must install elegant Christmas tree or pine.Glass toys should be avoided: they are dangerous to children.In an extreme case, glass ornaments need to hang on to the topmost branch of a tree.It is advisable to use more unbreakable toys made of paper, papier-mache, plastic or metal.In addition, you want to decorate the Christmas tree tinsel, but on the very top of the tree to place the crown.

# 2

Before you decorate the nursery, ask kids to draw pictures on the Christmas theme.In the lobby, or the assembly hall is possible to organize an exhibition of children's drawings.In addition to the drawings, kids can make crafts from clay.

# 3

important point is the decoration of the lobby kindergarten.An original way to arrange entry to the premises will use garlands of balloons.For making garlands need monofilament and late

x balloons.Pumped balls should be mutually connected with each other tails.Two pairs of balls you need to wrap around the fishing line so as to form a figure that looks like a flower with four petals.This action should be repeated as long as the fishing line is full.On both sides of garlands to be left on the meter free of line: this is required in order to be able to attach the product to the wall or ceiling.

# 4

Also the lobby and entrance, garlands you can decorate the room in which will be the main event.In addition, the ceiling, you can pull the thread with tinsel attached to it and falling snowflakes out of paper or colored packaging.

# 5

kindergarten walls decorate the New Year with the help of snowflakes, however, this time we fix the decorative elements in several places with the help of adhesive tape pieces.Walls can be issued images of Santa Claus, reindeer figurines, plot drawings on New Year's or Christmas theme.

# 6

As for illumination, the garlands should be used in compliance with fire safety regulations.It is advisable to hang the device above the ground, so that children can not reach them.Garland must be very firmly fixed with the help of construction nails small.