How to decorate the nursery with his own hands for the New Year ?

How to decorate the nursery with his own hands for the New Year ?
You will need:
  • spruce or pine sprigs
  • garland or nightlight
  • Glowing stickers Christmas theme
  • brushes and watercolors
  • Colored paper, scissors, cardboard, glue
# 1

to children the mood has developed in anticipation of the New year, to decorating a child's room should begin in advance.A suitable atmosphere to come into the house only with fir twigs, which is necessary to place on the shelves or attached to the walls.Large tree in the nursery - it's not the best solution: while playing the baby might accidentally knock over a tree.

# 2

windows in the nursery should be conventional paint watercolors.To do the job can be with your child - your child will be pleasant and interesting to make out his room.Of course, you need to know about how to decorate the nursery with his hands, but it is better to do with your child.In addition to the drawing, the window can be decorated with paper snowflakes, stickers, figurines made of colored cardboard.

# 3

along the walls in the children han

g a Christmas tinsel or boxes manufactured with the baby.Making flags is very simple: it needs a colored paper, glue and thread.Cut a sheet of colored paper blank, shaped like a box and its mirror image, connected at the base.Fold and glue the product main parts, but slide the thread into the base before.Take a few flags until a garland.If desired, the boxes can be arranged with the help of drawings and clippings from children's magazines.

# 4

As for illumination, then decorate the children's room for the New Year multicolor electric garland.Garland should be hung as high as possible, so that the child could not reach it.Homemade devices use is strictly prohibited, because spontaneous combustion can occur in them.

# 5

In addition, at the time of the New Year in the nursery you can put a night light, reminiscent of the magical Christmas night.Instead, you can use a nightlight and a garland, if it will be enough light for uniform illumination of the entire room.

# 6

Apply for walls and ceiling are original luminous stickers on the Christmas theme.On the ceiling can be mounted snowflakes cut out of paper with your child.Familiar to us from childhood thread and wool, pasted with water from the ceiling, a long time outdated, because spoil the interior of the room.The best way to create falling snow will use multiple threads with attached snowflakes from the ceiling.