How to decorate the school for the New Year ?

How to decorate the school for the New Year ?
You will need:
  • Garlands
  • Balloons
  • Tinsel
# 1

Design School for the New Year involves decorating not only the hall and assembly hall, but also private rooms andand corridor.The main attention should be paid to the decoration of the premises, which is planned to carry out major activities.

# 2

entrance to the school and the lobby can be decorated using garlands of balloons.This requires a fishing line and a cheap latex balloons.Immediately inflate all the balls, which are available at your disposal, and then tie them in pairs for tails.Desirably, each pair composed of balls of the same color.Pull and twist the fishing line around the two pairs of balls so as to obtain four "petals".Repeating this action, all the couples tie the balloons around the fishing line.On both ends of the garland leave on a free meter fishing line to be able to fix the product to the wall or ceiling.

# 3

Before you decorate the school, ask the Directorate of institutions, whether the appropriate use of e

lectric garlands.If possible, hang a garland across the corridors and assembly hall.It is important that these devices are high enough to protect students against electric shock in case of bad wiring insulation.To fix the strings necessary to use small construction nails.

# 4

garlands addition, under the ceilings of the school you can hang tinsel.You can do this by using pieces of adhesive tape: thumbtacks can ruin the finish of walls and ceilings.If the school walls are covered with wallpaper, adhesive tape should not be used.Instead, the walls need to hang strands attached to the ceiling, and entwine around them tinsel.

# 5

corridors decorate the New Year wall newspapers and snowflakes.To snowflakes were snow-white, it is not recommended to use lined paper from a notebook.If the walls are painted, the product is required to attach using small pieces of adhesive tape.Capture snowflake is not in one but in several places at once, so that it does not lose its shape.

# 6

Finally, the most important thing in the hall or lobby need to install a Christmas tree.Usually in the school come alive spruce or pine, although natural trees is not enough practical, since their needles fall off over time.The bottom of the tree you need to decorate the big toys made of papier-mache, metal or plastic, and the top - glass products.This is to ensure that the children were not able to reach the toy made of glass, causing injury to themselves.Do not forget to attach a crown and decorated fir tree with tinsel.