How to decorate the store for the New Year ?

How to decorate the store for the New Year ?
You will need:
  • Artificial fir
  • Artificial snow
  • Garlands for the outdoor and indoor
  • Christmas toys
  • Tinsel
# 1

When decorating shop first needdecorate storefront places, in fact it is designed to attract the attention of the buyer.If space allows, you can put in the window of the figure of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.In addition, the showcase windows look great small artificial Christmas trees.Natural trees are not recommended because over time they lose their attraction and crumbling needles spoil the appearance of the store.Not bad storefront decorate with artificial snow or Christmas decorations, gently placing them between the goods.

# 2

tree desirable to set in the window or in the commercial shop room was fluffy.Latest fashion trends - a decorated spruce or pine a small amount of toys and decorations.Under the Christmas tree, you can put a box wrapped in gift paper and tied with a ribbon with big bows.

# 3

Before you decorate the store, try to protect the institution o

f the fire.The less used in the interior of garlands and objects of bystrovosplamenyayuschihsya materials, the better it will serve as a guarantee that will not happen accident.There are two kinds of strings: for use indoors and outdoors.Street garlands are used to decorate the facades of buildings, so have a high strength.These garlands recommended to fix the most durable bindings, as gusts of wind can rip decoration.

# 4

under the ceiling shop can be hung Christmas balls, snowflakes out of paper or packaging materials, boxes or garlands foil.In order not to spoil the ceiling, from one wall to the other should be to reach the line, which will be attached to the listed items.

# 5

We usually decorate the room for the New Year, without using the original design decisions.One of those is a small artificial Christmas tree, attached to the ceiling upside down.It looks spectacular composition of several trees, set in such a way.

# 6

As for illumination inside the store, on the perimeter of the ceiling to reach places can be a garland.In a similar way to decorate commercial equipment, which exhibited products.You can organize the spotlights, directed to a specific piece of furniture by placing the appropriate fixtures.