How to decorate a tree for the New Year ?

How to decorate a tree for the New Year ?
You will need:
  • garlands, beads
  • cookie cutters, water, dye, rope
  • boxes, wrapping or colored paper
  • plywood, paper
  • Feeds
# 1

If your backyard has trees, you can decorate them for the New year.Make it very simple.You can make a tree with garlands and traditional beads.To the tree looked festive, do not feel sorry decorations, especially if it is a large plant.

# 2

How to decorate a tree beautiful and unusual?This can make decorations ice.To do this, you will need molds of small size and little water.To toys were colorful, dissolve in water colors, you can use the food.If these are not available, it is possible to dissolve conventional ink: gouache or watercolor.Liquid fill in the form and put for a while in the fridge.For decoration you can hang on the branches, use the rope from which you want to make a loop and freeze in jewelry.

# 3

Wood also can be decorated with carvings of their own manufacture.You can make the toys as gifts.For this Wrap small boxes or wrapping colored

paper and glue bow.When we decorate the New Year tree standing on the street, you can use decorations made of paper and plywood.This design is very simple.Cut the plywood figures.In order to be colorful and attract attention, draw pictures and stick to fanerku.Note that the toy turns out two-way, which means that the image will need for both sides.

# 4

quite nicely, and most importantly original look trees decorated with ribbons.You can simply tie them in a knot or bow.This work is quite tedious, but the result you really like.By decorating the tree, you can attract children.Ask them to think of themselves toy.Children are able to surprise their crafts even the most discerning designers.Among other things, decoration trees on site or near the house an interesting and exciting experience that will delight your entire family.