How to decorate things for the New Year ?

How to decorate things for the New Year ?
You will need:
  • Inspiration
  • Pearl Jewelry from semiprecious stones
  • Threads
  • Tinsel
# 1

coming New Year will take place under the sign of the Snake.And it means, in formal attire must attend her favorite colors: gold and yellow.And even despite the fact that 2013 is considered black snake year, this does not mean that you need to dress in black and gloomy appearance.And it is not necessary to sew a carnival costume mistress year.

# 2

How to decorate things in the New Year holidays?According to astrology, this year especially welcome floral designs and patterns in the Japanese or Oriental style, as well as various geometric designs.For inspiration, you can see pictures of snakes.Sometimes their unusual color gives a lot of ideas for creativity.If your clothes are not like the decor, it is possible to create your own, using thread and tinsel.It is not necessary to transform completely, it will be enough a few elegant details.

# 3

It is worth to pay attention to accessories to

complement your New Year's outfits.Thus, it is believed that the ancient customs of the snake was not indifferent to white pearls, and everyone who liked to please her or she gave a handful of pearls.Therefore, the perfect complement to a New Year's dress or stylish suit suited products from pearls.Well on this holiday ornament will look from semi-precious colored stones.The most important thing is not to overdo them.It is enough to be a bracelet or tiara.You can also wear a brooch in the form of a mistress coming year.

# 4

not necessary to dress up in evening dresses and lush, especially if the meeting will take place New Year's at home in the close family circle.In contrast, the outfit may be close to the daily.However, including the imagination, we decorate the new year our things exquisite detail.It is no secret that properly placed accents not only to emphasize the dignity of the figure, but also will make your outfit unusual.It will be nice if your New Year's attire will be made by your hands.