As a self- inflict a photo on a mug ?

As a self- inflict a photo on a mug ?
You will need:
  • mug (or any other basis for drawing the image)
  • photos printed on photographic paper or a white three-layer napkin
  • PVA glue, transparent varnish
  • primer, brushes and sponges
  • Paints (if you wish to add an image printed some drawings)
# 1

Independently make a mug with a photo is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.First of all necessary to prepare the substrate surface, in this case the circle.Degrease the place of drawing the image with a swab soaked in antiseptic solution.On a dry surface apply a primer.The art galleries, you can find similar formulations designed specifically for decoupage.Suitable and conventional building ground.Depending on the type of surface will be sufficiently 1-2 layers.

# 2

How to put yourself on a photo mug - easy to glue the printed image?While primer dries, it's time to start preparing the image.If you are using a picture, printed on normal photographic paper, it is necessary to cover the front of the several layers of la

cquer.After drying which, downside should be abundantly wet with plain water, and carefully remove the colored layer.This manipulation can help make the image flat, get rid of the effects of low-quality stickers at the transfer to a substrate.Work with napkins so much easier - it is enough to divide the hand towel on the layers and use only the top color.

# 3

photograph glued to on the basis of PVA glue, do not forget to remove creases and air bubbles or small sponge brush.For the image on the napkin, there are several options for applying glue - to a substrate, the back side of the drawing or drawings on the front side, is pressed against the base.How to put a photo on a mug with a picture?If the workpiece is chosen circle, already decorated with images not remove at home, in front of the image transfer is necessary to paint its location paint a lighter shade.

# 4

When the image is pasted, if you wish, you can paint the whole mug, or add some pattern or inscription picture.Colours should be chosen with respect to the base material.Finishing stage - varnishing products, today is not difficult to find compositions, well-carrying effects of water and temperature changes.And accordingly, mug treated like coating can be used for hot beverages, without the threat of decor.