How to make a box for a drive?

How to make a box for a drive?
You will need:
  • cardboard
  • Scissors, glue PVA
  • colored fabric pieces
  • Two buttons, satin ribbon
  • Thick paper
# 1

first thing todo - cardboard cut to size.It is worth noting that cardboard is suitable for this purpose perfectly.Using scissors, cut a rectangle whose length is equal to double the width of the rectangle.Just bend your receipt of the item in the middle and put it under the form of a heavy object.It is necessary that the box took a closed mold and strove to further disclosed.

# 2

While future gift box "is tracked 'under the heavy sofa, you can proceed to the manufacture of jewelry.Agree a regular piece of cardboard will look ridiculous.Therefore it is necessary to make "odezhku" for boxes.Before you make a box for the disk, you will need a piece of thick fabric, which is hardly saturated with glue.So we cut them, given that it will have to tighten slightly inward for more reliable fixing on cardboard.Also, pieces of cloth to do the small decorations, such as flowers or a

thematic pattern, designed for the tastes of the person who designed box.

# 3

To produce some beautiful daisies need two pieces of fabric - one yellow and the other white.Cut the yellow cloth a couple of small circles, and of white - the petals.Sew to the "wrapping" of fabric buttons and ribbons.Buttons need to choose beautiful to complement a perfect gift.The length of the strips should be at least 12 centimeters, so that they can be linked to a small bow.Also it is necessary to take care of the production of the disc holder.For this fit thick paper.It is necessary to cut it in view of the disk size.

# 4

So, you're done.Before we make a box for a disk, you need to get her foundation from under the couch.Lubricate the surface carton with white glue.Do not use a lot of glue, otherwise it is completely impregnated fabric.Glue cloth and dry it all iron.Now you need to decorate and stick to the disc holder.Before you give a box, be sure to check its functionality - because it should not drop a disc or too tight "sit" in it.The original gift is ready to please his future owner.