How to make a disc ?

How to make a disc ?
You will need:
  • connect to the network
  • program UnderCoverXP
  • program Photoshop
  • program NeroCoverDesigner
  • Round stickers for CD-ROM drive
# 1

Before you issue disk, you need to go online and download from there any template you like for the cover, and then print it.A reliable way to store discs in special CD- or DVD-boxes, especially the disks on which recorded some remarkable day, such as wedding.Beautiful cover, which are a characteristic theme meaning it easier to find the desired disc.

# 2

Create a beautiful cover drive for a wedding is not difficult if you know what to do.In order not to bother markup calculations, as well as the size of boxing with a wedding disc, there is a great UnderCoverXP program that allows you to automatically adjust the image under the disk box.To create a beautiful cover, run the program, then from the provided CD- or a DVD-type boxes and select the desired start to work.Load the selected image in a program and print.Then carefully insert the cover

in the box.All is ready!

# 3

If the network does not have the right image, there is a special program for the processing and creation of images - Photoshop.The only drawback of this method lies in the fact that the issue wedding disc will not work in the absence of skills with this graphical editor.However, training to work with Photoshop's worth it.Moreover, the network can find a lot of video lessons and master classes to work with the image in the program.

# 4

If you do not have time or desire to deal with Photoshop, there is a remarkable application NeroCoverDesigner, which allows you to quickly and beautifully to create a cover for a drive to the wedding.To do this, run the program, select the appropriate box type for the drive, download the image to add it, or apply text effects in Edit mode, and then save the project and print the cover.The main advantage of this program lies in the fact that apart from the usual images to disk box it is possible to create special round covers for CDs.To do this, perform the same operation, only printed on round stickers, which are sold at any computer store.