How to translate military pension in another city ?

How to translate military pension in another city ?
You will need:
  • Translation
  • military pension calculation and determination of the insurance part of the accumulative amount of pension
  • Order funded pension
# 1

Translation military pension.In such situations, when pensioners changing their residence for quite a long time, the question arises sharp transfer their pension in the newly elected city.In such cases, the pensioner has the right to file an application to the Pension Fund Management with a request to transfer his pension file to the new management.It is also necessary to present a passport or other identity documents to the registration of the new place of residence.Citizens of retired military personnel are there to inquire about the process of how to translate a military pension that can be paid at their actual residence.In this case, it adopted a statement confirming the address of their new place of residence.Retirees can choose delivery methods and their pensions.More applications are not required to the FIU.Next FIU author

ity in the new place of residence makes a request to the FIU authority for the place of residence, which was an early retiree.After the transfer of his case put on record the pensioner in the new town.

# 2

calculation and determination of the insurance part of the funded pension amount.Most working pensioners concerned the question of how to calculate the insurance part of the pension.Eg setting for military retirees is calculated depending on the timing.For example, if the pensioner has come right after July 25th, for the insurance of the military pension, the insurance part of the installation is carried out on the day of filing.The size of the retirement pension and the insurance part of it are directly dependent on the number of previously accrued insurance contributions.How do you know your contributory pension - a question often encountered.There are several methods, but the easiest of them - to visit a portal that provides a service for checking the pension accumulation.Another way - to learn from the information letters from the Pension Fund, which each year are sent to all citizens.

# 3

Order funded pension.Russian citizens who were born in 1967 and later can now choose how to dispose of the funded part of the pension.They have the ability to transfer funds to a private company, which was the Pension Fund of Russia.There is another translation resources in the State.CC, investing in securities.Pension system and its formula to explain how to calculate pensioners pensions to working pensioners.The calculation is two part - funded and insurance.The size of their pensions to working pensioners is available to calculate their own formula of this order: size of pensions = time factor with a value of 0.5 x salary for the period of the third quarter of 2002 the pension accrual is tied to seniority.In short, the more work, the greater the benefit.