How to calculate the preferential pension ?

How to calculate the preferential pension ?
You will need:
  • clarifying eligibility to receive preferential pensions
  • definition of grace time (taking into account holidays and temporary disability).
  • Contacting notary
# 1

preferential pension have the designation early retirement, which is assigned to the order as a citizen reaches the appropriate age.Clarify the instructions to calculate the preferential pension To do this it is necessary to clarify the existence of a right to receive a reduced pension.In the chapter "Law on Labor Pensions", dedicated to the occupations listed mining duration to be eligible for preferential pension.determine preferential seniority (including leave and temporary disability), to calculate the time factor, the insurance and cumulative components, depending on the average annual earnings, and shall be calculated.

# 2

RF set criteria as to receive a pension of a deceased person to relatives of the deceased pensioner needed: apply for a deceased pension, a document proving the death of

a pensioner, a passport, a document on the detailed composition of the family, evidence of right to inheritance,proof of kinship with the deceased, the record of the house of the book.Get the funded part of the pension can be deceased when applying to a notary's office, which will open the matter of inheritance.

# 3

Military service is not eternal, and each employee, devoting himself to the protection of the Russian Federation, is counting on a special attitude and appreciation of the state in the form of a military pension.Metodikakak charged military pension, established long ago.Retirement, the pensioner must have 20 years of service.The pension is calculated based on the calculation of half of the salary.Consideration is also given the title assigned, the district rate and bonuses for seniority superurgent (3% per year).In order to know how to verify the correctness of the pension, it is necessary to know the earned experience, average monthly RFP (their own and the Russian Federation).Armed with a calculator or Exel, you can become an independent expert in charge of re-examination of pension received.

# 4

Another alternative - a written request to the FIU management requested a detailed calculation of accrued pension with reference to the regulations.The legislation of the Russian Federation is established, how to make a retirement pension.To this end, citizens beyond retirement age should write an application to the Pension Fund, having your labor book, certificate of PO, a certificate of confirmation of pension insurance certificate born children passport.All the above suggestions will help to resolve pension issues and to prevent difficulties in obtaining clearance or pension.