How to make denial of paternity ?

How to make denial of paternity ?
You will need:
  • Passport data
  • reasons for refusal
# 1

For those who want to oformitotkaz from rebenkanuzhno know one important thing that even deprived of their parental rights, the parent is obliged topay child support.Do not pay child support only in some exceptional cases.Refuse paternity can only be in court.It is necessary to write a statement in which it explained the reason why the parent abandons a child.The application must be notarized.If the reason for the refusal is that there is a suspicion that a child of another person, it is necessary to do a DNA test, without this test application will not be accepted.Release alimony from the father, who refused to paternity, can, if the child's mother has filed a counter-petition, and wants to adopt a child by another man.

# 2

In all other cases, termination of parental rights does not exempt from liability.A child abandoned by their parents, have the same inheritance rights as children whose parents refused.The same applies to adop

ted children.If a parent of the child refused, he would still have to pay child support, free him from it only in the event that the child will adopt another man or another family.The adopted child also has the right to inheritance, as well as biological children and parents can be waived is not the cause of the deprivation of his inheritance.

# 3

order of abandonment begins with the fact that this issue should be discussed within the family, then the application is submitted on the petition for termination of parental rights, after the trial, if abandoned by their parents is not mentally ill or disabled, it is prescribed to paymonthly alimony.Avoid paternity just will not work for non-payment of alimony will be charged.Also, the parent has the right to constantly seen with the child, the number of days to communicate with the child or parents established between themselves, or by the court.If a parent deprived of rights, violates the fine it may take into custody and to prohibit at any time to the child.It is also important to add that the actual abandonment in Russia does not exist.Because.that the first version of abandonment takes place through the courts, but the parent pays child support.

# 4

second option to permit the adoption of a child.Option with the abandonment of the child by adoption will only fit in the case, if a child fathered six months after submission of the application.This option is most often possible, if the parents do not want to pick up the child from the hospital.The application for such adoption must be certified by a notary, as well as doctors, where it happened.After such a failure to take the child is no longer possible.The second option of adoption, if, for example, the father abandoned the child, and his wife filed papers to adopt a child by another man.In all other cases, the failure of the child's parents to pay child support.