How to return 13 percent of the rent ?

How to return 13 percent of the rent ?
You will need:
  • passport
  • tax return
  • documents confirming the purchase of an apartment
# 1

Year by year, with the rise of living standards of Russians is growing demand for housing.Every day thousands of people buy and sell homes, apartments, houses...There will be no opening of the fact that this product now is very expensive and requires impressive investments.And, as a consequence, the buyer begins to search the apartment various ways in which to save, or later return, although some used - or part spent on such a large purchase funds.For those who, to solve their housing problems and is willing to spend on a lot of money, provided tax relief.It is expressed in the provision of citizen to make a refund of the tax on real estate.This becomes a real compensate for some of the money we spent in the form of return of withheld state income tax.Anyone who honestly pay taxes, given the chance.Although they will use only once in a lifetime.With the end of the hassle associated with the product

ion of documents on the newly purchased home and obtaining the certificate confirming the right of possession of the owner, the question arises, where to go and what you need to return the income tax for the purchase of apartments which can be used how to return the money for such anot cheap square footage.

# 2

First of all, you need to know that a tax refund when buying apartments can only rely on the amount spent on the purchase of an apartment up to two million rubles.Starting his design to become real only from the moment when the apartment had already been acquired.The tax deduction has to be greater than or equal to the total income from which was accrued and paid tax in the current year.Return of 13% of the amount of money spent on the purchase of housing is possible in two different ways.For those who want to get back part of the money spent, it is not necessary to wait for the end of this year.The citizen shall have the right at any time apply to the inter-district tax inspection at the place of residence with the application to grant him a tax deduction.To him be required to attach a photocopy of the contract on purchase of an apartment, and her act of reception - transmission, the certificate attesting the ownership of all documents confirming the size and the fact of payment for purchased housing, information of the form 2 PIT.The period during which the application will be considered - 1 month.If the test is successful, and it is decided to grant the applicant a notice on tax refund, that since the transfer of his accountant, withholding income tax will be suspended.That is, the compensation money will be at work in small amounts over a long period of time.

# 3

second way to return more appropriate for those who are not in a hurry and want to get the entire amount accumulated during the past year taxes at the same time.For this category of people need to wait for its completion.Fill out tax return f.3 PIT according to the pattern exposed on the stand.It thoroughly reflect all incomes earned in the past year, as well as taxes, which were calculated and paid to them, specify and confirm the amount, gone to buy an apartment.The prepared document can be taken personally, and can be sent by mail.The imperative to make all copies of the above documents in the first case.Declaration check should take place within 3 months, after which it will need to re-visit the tax office.If it was true and it was decorated desk audit, will only have to write a statement.It specifies the details of the bank and the account to which shall be credited the income tax returned.When the deal is done to the apartment with a home loan or a mortgage, the tax refund registration can be applied and the interest levied on them.If it turns out that the apartment is worth much more earnings in the reporting year, funds from which to pay taxes, then return the procedure proceeds to the next year.Prepare documents for the return of 13 percent for the apartment is required at the beginning of each year, until such time as the amount due has been fully exhausted.