How to sell an apartment , located less than 3 years of ownership ?

How to sell an apartment , located less than 3 years of ownership ?
You will need:
  • passport
  • payment documents
  • contract
# 1

daily in the property market there is thousands of real estate transactions.Possibility to privatize housing, as well as to design it in the property, contributes to continued growth in sales activity on it.Prices for apartments year-on-year rise religiously.For most citizens, the apartment is housing, many people use it as a source of income, and some, as an object of a reliable investment funds and wealth.It is no secret that significant finances raised from the sale of the apartment, are the proceeds of a citizen.And you have to pay tax on all income.State shall exempt from taxes sellers of real estate, if before the sale they held it for more than three years.

# 2

But those who have decided to sell the apartment to 3 years in the property, will have to pay tax.its size by 13% of the resulting revenue transaction.This fact, of course, upset any vendor, since due to the high prices for the real estate, the amount of tax look

s very substantially.But not all so sad.The Tax Code provides a number of benefits for this category of Russians.They are expressed in the provision of tax deduction on sale of property, if it is owned by the owner less than a three-year period.And from that, how well will be drawn up documents for the transaction of purchase and sale and completed tax return will depend on whether the tax would be the ultra-high, or it can be completely avoided.

# 3

There are two ways to make the amount of sales tax less.You can use the tax deduction of one million rubles, and can reduce the amount of base calculated for the calculation of the value of the cost of taxes, documents confirming the purchase of the object involved in the transaction.Choosing which option would be more profitable, it is necessary in each case separately.The important role played by the fact how the sold property turned from his owner.For example, the apartment has got a gift or inheritance after the death of a relative, and it was not spent any money.Deciding to sell a house in the property at least 3 years at a price of less than 1 million rubles of tax you should not worry.

# 4

If the contract sales price of the apartment more than a million - will have to pay 13% of the state income from the amount exceeding one million rubles.Many real estate agencies offer their customers a variety of cunning schemes of tax evasion.Most popular - in the sale and purchase contract is shown in the price 1000000 rubles.The remaining amount is transferred from the buyer to the seller for a notarized receipt or not.But the risk of such transactions is large, and in compliance with the rule of law is not going smoothly, so not everyone will agree with this scenario.If you sell the apartment (and if it became the property by inheritance, is often the case) several owners, it is possible to pre-select a few in-kind shares, and it will be sold as communal, and each of the owners will be able to take advantage of the law provided net.

# 5

If sold now apartment was purchased, and the date of purchase has not had time to get past three years, in preparation for its sale documents, and better not forget about tax payment and tax declaration f.3 PIT.For the person who is going to sell the apartment in the property less than 3 years and having at the hands of payment documents confirming incurred expenses on it, perhaps, it is more profitable to use the second option.If the purchase and sale of apartments happening in a short period of time, it is unlikely that the price difference is significant.In addition, if you sell the apartment to make repairs or remodeling, it could also contribute to its rise in price.

# 6

It is enough to present to the tax office all payment documents confirming this.But the rest of the process of sale of the apartment, which is owned by less than 3 years old, is no different from selling any property.Just need a data sheet for an apartment, certificate of possession of it, an extract from the house and the personal account and the contract of sale.And appearing in due time with all the above documents to the registration center Rosreestra deal will certainly take place.