How to write on the Russian passport of the child ?

How to write on the Russian passport of the child ?
You will need:
  • Child's birth certificate
  • Passports of both parents or all of them
  • Copies of the above documents
# 1

Childbirth - especially the first one - in addition to very positiveemotion is also reversed.It happens that the main troubles that arise with the advent of a new member of society, not directly associated with caring for him or his way of feeding, and with registration of the relevant documents confirming the fact that the citizens of the state really has now become for one more.For those moms and dads who do not yet experience in these matters, many questions arise (especially since legally savvy consider himself on the right are a few, and for frequently changing legislation to follow hard).One of the pressing issues of concern to them almost the most - how to fit the child in the Russian passport and is it really necessary to do this?

# 2

Some parents prefer not to get involved with this procedure (in addition, under the new rules entering of data on children in

the main document of a citizen, though it is desirable, but not required) for whatever their reasons.For example, they believe that it is easier to get a loan if necessary.However, all the costs to comply with the formalities, because they do not know at what point can overtake a person "bureaucratic machine".In life, many times there are situations when the presence of such information on children not only need, but also will save the situation (in particular, the difficulties sometimes occur when crossing the state border in the direction of the former Soviet Union, and so on. N.).Therefore, such a record is still better to get.

# 3

It is necessary to take into account all the rules in respect of Russian internal passports and strictly follow them.Any "outsider" label can make the document invalid, so it is necessary to ensure that such incidents did not happen.Requirements on how to enter children in the Russian passport, repeatedly changed and adjusted (for example, before it had the authority to the registry office, and carried all the time, when parents came to register the birth of a child, but now such things are engaged only in bodies of the Federal Migration Service(FMS)).It is possible that in the future such as would be the case, but at the moment the procedure similar to the following.

# 4

Procedure is not complicated.In order for the passport of one parent (or both) was a mark of the child / children, it is necessary to apply to the Department of the Federal Migration Service (in fact, the former passport office, who is now one of the structural divisions of this department) at the place of its registration.It is not necessary for it to bring an employee of the institution's own offspring.The kid can at this time to stay at home with the other parent or quietly wait for the end of the corridor procedure with the same.You should have only two documents - own national passport and birth certificate of the child.In addition, several copies of the paper should be removed in advance.

# 5

In practice, often before they enter into the child's passport, parents are faced with the fact that the letter of the law is strongly at odds with the requirements of the officials and employees in the field.For example, The passport may refuse to make the required entry in the identification document mom or dad, if he sees that their son is not a stamp of citizenship on the back side of a birth certificate.Meanwhile, children who were born after 2012 (inclusive), this mandatory requirement no longer exists.It should be noted that the reason may be the so-called internal orders according to the FMS, which is largely determined by the order of the staff.Sometimes they are indicated and such demands, which are not mentioned in the law.

# 6

In this case only by the parents to choose - go to pasportistam concessions or "butt" with them, referring to its rights under the relevant legislation.Some people prefer to "appease" the uncompromising official any gift - but a way to communicate accurately be called legitimate, and recourse to it is not necessary.Whatever it was, as a result of mom or dad will get the coveted stamp in the passport of their own if they have a child / children.There will be children of the full name and date of birth.This information will be certified by a special stamp.By the way, it is necessary to double-check the correctness of its application.We must remember one important point: the procedure can be performed without removing the document from their parents - right in front of them.

# 7

If one of them is absolutely no opportunity to visit the FMS personally - for example due to heavy load at work - it is quite conceivable that on behalf of the husband / wife acted.At the same time a "representative" shall be equipped with the appropriate power of attorney and, of course, a passport of her husband or wife.Certain difficulties may arise when the parents are registered at different addresses.In this case, each of them will have to go to "his" branch of the FMS for the coveted stamp in the passport.Or, again, someone has a go with documents and power of attorney in the two institutions.With a good scenario (no queues, normal mood FMS employees, and so on. P.) In each of these places you can handle about half an hour.

# 8

course, bring in their parents' passports are only entitled to information about those children who at the time of such a procedure was not yet fourteen years (child older already obliged to acquire their own civil document).Please enter your child can be in the passport.However, only in the event that this document - the old model, which has no electronic media and current five years.In the given situation on his son, even if he is not a year old, should issue a separate passport to zagranpoezdok.If parents are aware of these rules and comply with them, the problems with writing children in their documents they should arise.