How to make crafts from disk ?

How to make crafts from disk ?
You will need:
  • Various tools (awl, drill, needle, etc.)
  • Large scissors
  • Fur, cloth and other decorations
  • Clay
  • Older drives
# 1

Before you make crafts disks, you need to decide what of themselves will be the future of the product, and for what purpose it will be used.CDs have a mass of wonderful features that are necessary to create an original gift.The disc has a good and a spectacular shine, who gladly use designers to create handicrafts.It is also quite durable and has a rounded shape, which allows to implement a lot of fantasies.

# 2

In order to cut out the disc, it is best suitable hacksaw.And that process is faster, you can make additional holes, which will cut out the disc.In no event should not hurry when working with a hacksaw, as you can not only damage the disc, but also hurt yourself.If it is necessary to saw the material harvested in a curve, the disc must be carefully bent upwards or downwards, depending on the need.In order to make small holes in the disc, it is be

st to use an awl.To this end, an awl to heat over high heat in a ventilated area.

# 3

original crafts of the old cd disks can be decorated with different accessories.For this is well suited beautiful fabric, fur, colored cardboard, or glass beads.Also discs can be decorated with decorative napkins and other material.To attach the accessory to the CD-ROM, you can use a special glue or ordinary PVA.In addition, jewelry attached with fishing line or wire.If you want to attach to a disk or pebble seashell, it is best to use a glue gun to glue did not spread.

# 4

Older disks can be used to create different decorative crafts, such as panels or frames for photos.Also from the drives make great coasters for mugs.Of the old CD-ROM drive, you can create an original decoupage, and if the CD-ROM back of the magnet stick, then released a wonderful decoration for the fridge.

# 5

In addition, CDs can be used to create decorative compositions.It's a bit more complicated than creating a conventional stand or panels, but it looks more impressive.For example, a pair of scissors cutting the disc into separate elements, you can create an original vase or animal figures.Cut very carefully.Moreover, the compositions need to use high-quality discs instead of the usual "blanks", as they crumble and exfoliate.