How to find fingerprints on the surface ?

How to find fingerprints on the surface ?
You will need:?
  • Aerosol
  • ray of light
# 1

How to find fingerprints on the surface of the fingerprint identification of and the subsequent determination of the person on it is called in forensic fingerprinting.However, the process of searching for fingerprints may be useful in everyday life.It prints on a polished or smooth surfaces of furniture able to hang on to the home owner label "sloppy."

# 2

Before you find fingerprints, you need to prepare a light source.You can take advantage of natural light, a lamp or a flashlight, which should be directed at an angle to the surface.This will allow a good view of fingerprints and the time to fix them.The main thing with this - do not leave after cleaning their prints.

# 3

learn how to get rid of fingerprints on the bowl of glass or ceramics, think all the young mistress.In fact, everything is very simple: just bring the item to the window, to him fell the sun's rays, and are all available on the dishes prints become visible at a glance


# 4

With the search of traces of the hands in wet areas, things are a bit more complicated.Before you remove fingerprints have to buy a special spray that allows you to identify finger prints on smooth surfaces.It should be noted that in the forensic use for such purposes powders, but they are less effective and very inconvenient.In addition, experts are widely used special identification devices, such as scanners.However, before you turn on the fingerprint reader, you must make sure that power is supplied to it.Recently, these devices are used to access the computing.

# 5

Spray should be sprayed only on a vertical surface evenly from a distance of thirty centimeters.A few seconds after that fingerprints show up, and when the aerosol substance is dry, they can be going to work.Before you erase the fingerprints to be processed sponge or cloth material to clean smooth surfaces, as in the case with the dishes - special detergent for dishes.