How to make a fingerprint on the paper ?

How to make a fingerprint on the paper ?
You will need:
  • Paper Pencil
# 1

As you know, there are no people with similar fingerprints in the world.In general, in the world there is nothing quite the same.There is nothing, which is exactly in line with a similar subject.And this is one of the most wonderful and amazing natural phenomena.For example, fingerprints.No one else in the world do not have the same fingerprints, everyone is different and it is a phenomenon!It is a proven fact, but you can see this from experience, having made it to the households.If you are intrigued, you first need to learn how to make a fingerprint on the paper?On a piece of paper you need ottachit pencil to form a powder slide of the lead.The tip of the thumb to dip into the powder and a good squeeze to 5 centimeter adhesive tape.Part Gruffudd remains on the tape with a fine fingerprint.The tape can be attached to the paper to fix the image.It is not greased, because the fixed adhesive tape, which, if desired, can be removed without difficulty.

# 2

It can be fun activities for children.Interesting is the process, and how to remove fingerprints will also be an important issue if they will play detectives.Generally, the best course is not to leave fingerprints, and wear gloves that will make players persona incognito.Well, if you still have a trace, then the paper can be erased with sandpaper # 400, and it is better to burn the paper, for 100% of the effect.If the mark on a surface, such as furniture, it should be wiped with a rag with a chemical solution if utensils, wash with detergent, etc.if not erased altogether, you spoil them accurately.

# 3

Fingerprints as a learning pattern called dermatoglyphics on the tip of his fingers.The figures come in three basic types: curl, arch and loop, with different variants of each type.One and the same person can have several types of fingerprints, it is necessary to determine the dominant type, if necessary.Fingerprints in humans are already at the age of 18 weeks from the day of conception.A distinctive feature of prints is that they are permanent and unchangeable, and on the other hand the line can be changed.This is a very useful quality when looking for the offender and in determining someone's personality.

# 4

And how to change the fingerprints?If you hold your fingers in the acid, the pattern will burn, but will have a new, but no prints.Although it is believed that the skin is refreshed and the encoded gene can manifest again.If you cut the skin of the finger tips and transplanted skin from another area of ​​the body of prints will be gone.Also, when a ragged wound can remain a scar that will change the structure of the print.In no scar lines.After a very severe burns, the skin on the fingers will not be able to recover, and hence the mark disappears.

# 5

What fingerprints?The answer is as simple as in all previous cases.We need a soft brush dipped in talc, carbon black or powdered and hold on the spot a few times where there is an imprint.The powder remains on the fingerprints.Then, a transparent adhesive tape, you can use adhesive tape, glued to the surface of the print and the powder remains on the adhesive tape.Carefully removing the tape, it is possible to see the film a clear fingerprint.On the printout, you can talk a lot, because they are fairly well understood by man.