Protože existuje tsunami ?

As there is a tsunami ?
You will need:
  • Documents
  • margin products
  • Medicines
  • Alert Sources
# 1

the first place among the main natural causes giving rise to tsunamis, are earthquake.Next, as a percentage, are landslides and, finally, the short list of the major volcanic eruption.There is also the human element of a tsunami.It is now in the hands of man has atomic weapons.

# 2

His strength and power in the application causes an effect similar to the effect of natural factors.But now the international treaties banned any tests underwater atomic weapons.Some believe that living in distant education for tsunami regions are fully protected from the dangers that carries this terrible natural phenomenon.

# 3

But when you consider that many are traveling and often the most dangerous ones in the region, the need to understand how a tsunami occurs, what safety measures must be observed, for the preservation of life and health upon the occurrence of a tsunami.As a result of the earthquake of the ocean floor dro

ps sharply, and part of the bottom rises sharply.

# 4

Huge masses of water rushing in different directions, trying to align the average level of the sea.Because of this, a series of huge waves formed.Landslides, forming a tsunami, most likely to occur due to earthquakes again.Often these are the tsunami in the area of ​​Indonesia.

# 5

Volcanic explosions provoke the appearance of a tsunami, not only because of the eruption, but also due to the fact that formed after lava and ash exit cavity directs the water, which in turn forms a long wave.Often, volcanic activity, in turn, caused by the earthquake.

# 6

dealt with the question of how a tsunami occurs, going into a dangerous area, make sure that the radio or any other available sources of alert always worked side by side.Usually in such areas runs alert and notification service.Prepare the necessary documents and a certain amount of food and medicine.Suppose they are stored in an easily accessible place.

# 7

If suddenly receded water in the ocean, in any case, do not stay on the coast, for example, photographing the unusual phenomenon.Try to leave the territory, lying low by climbing the nearest hill or mountain.Do not go along riverbeds - on them can move a tsunami.