How is the price of gold ?

How is the price of gold ?
You will need:
  • Gold
  • Information
  • The dollar
# 1

Not everyone knows how to determine the purity of gold as a percentage.Gold bars are stamped a sign that says on its purity.Gold jewelry will have a brand of jewelry, if they present the purity in carats (small ornaments, you may need a magnifying glass to read the inscription).

# 2

Carat determines the proportion of gold in the value of zero (0K) to 100 percent (24K).Simply divide the weight by 24 times to find the percentage of gold contained in the element.For example, jewelry 18K gold contains 18/24 parts, or 75 percent.Many people wonder how to determine the price of gold, and how it is formed.

# 3 in the world

taken twice a day to determine the price of gold is determined by it in London five largest banks of the world, they include and the Swiss bank.The head of the Rothschild banks, namely representatives of this clan for the first time established a London fisting gold over a hundred years ago.

# 4

On fisting impact on gold supply and demand at any given time, based on taking into account all factors.It should be noted that the five banks involved in determining the price of gold does not sell this metal, so the exposed price can be considered objective.

# 5

Sometimes, many people mistakenly believe that the price of gold is formed on the basis of its production.But this is not the case.A large number of all of the extracted precious metal, is sent to the vault, and is a kind of fund.To determine the price of gold, after the establishment of fisting prices in London, the Russian banks set the price on the Russian market.

# 6

resulting price, expressed in US dollars, translated into Russian rubles, taking into account the current exchange rate at a particular time.Therefore, we can assume that the Russian banks will not affect the formation of prices, its rise and fall, as banks aim is the correct translation of prices in dollars in the price, expressed in Russian rubles.The price of gold is determined by the world's banks.