How is the price of electricity ?

How is the price of electricity ?
You will need:
  • spoken reforms
  • Electricity price
  • The meter
# 1

electricity cost includes the initial capital, the discount rate, as well as continuous operation costsfuel and maintenance.Sometimes people expressed the view that the tariffs are too inflated, and a part of all the money goes to pay for services such as the provision of electricity, and someone in the pocket.To find out everything you need to know how the price of electricity generated.

# 2

Today, the entire electricity market can be easily divided into two parts.The first part of it, those who produce electricity, the latter who buy it.Thanks to the state reform activities of both sides is under control, but the work of the network companies are overlooked.At this stage, these companies can be called a monopoly, since, as the owners of electricity networks, they have no competitors, and they set their own price for their services.

# 3

purpose of the state during the reformation was a departure from the tariffs o

f the state to free prices.For almost two years the state purchases electricity on the open market, but for the public it will be available in the next year or two.Not right, those people who believe that high electricity prices associated with Energosbyt.They just do not know how to set the price.

# 4

There are certain rules and calculations used to determine the price of electricity for the population.In each region, the electricity price is different, even though they were all counted on the same basis.To understand what makes up the price of electricity, it must be represented as a pyramid of four layers.The reason is - wholesale price of electricity, which is half of all prices.

# 5

The second layer is the value provided by the network companies services, third layer - the market value of the infrastructure, in the completion of the fourth layer of the pyramid is the income provider.It is no more than three per cent, and strictly controlled by the state.Another factor that may significantly affect the pricing of electricity is the cost of gas in the country, since it is known that all the thermal power plants run on gas.