How to live the gypsy barons ?

How to live the gypsy barons ?
You will need:
  • rather large monetary condition
  • Love and attraction to the gypsy style
  • abundance of gold and jewelry
  • Mansion
# 1

For most people, there is a stereotype,that all Roma - brightly dressed people, leading roguish lifestyle, and from whom better to stay away.The image of the fortune teller, trying to lure money from people on the street - the most common association with the word "Roma".These ethnic minorities live in camps and are nomads.

# 2

Homeland Roma considered to Romania, but it is assumed that the tribe has no fixed abode, so Roma can be found in any country.Leaders among the Roma are the barons.Many people are interested in how people live gypsy barons.Unlike all camp Baron is not poor.It has a large amount of money, not only earned their own, but also received for the protection of his subordinates.

# 3

In today's world the Roma are no longer living in camps and virtually wander.Most of them settled in a particular area.But the tents of the barons were

replaced with luxurious mansions, or, in extreme cases, a good apartment.Design Roma apartments distinguished by an abundance of red and other bright colors, gold interior elements.Required latest technology combined with ancient gold objects.Interior home just full of luxury.

# 4

main gypsy king lives in Romania, his name is Florian Chioaba.In Romania, he even owns his own court, in which there are only Roma laws and discusses the Roma cause.Chioaba owns a huge amount of real estate in Romania, judging by the photos, all its houses are made in an unusual architectural style that sets them apart from other buildings.

# 5 The Gypsy Baron

usually has a large number of massive gold ornaments, which constantly bears.Having sold some of his gold chains, you can easily feed a few hundred ordinary Roma.The barons have always been rich people, despite the fact that the ordinary Roma often live their whole lives not just in poverty, and in poverty.

# 6

After the death of Baron leaves his fortune heir.Funerals are always magnificent, the baron escorted on his last journey with full honors.In the crypt put the things that may be necessary after the death of the gypsy - household items and luxury.Sometimes even recreate the interior of Baron room.