As the lure of money and success ?

As the lure of money and success ?
You will need:
  • Three red carnations
  • Candles
  • Matches
  • Amulet
# 1

There are many ways to attract luck and money in their lives, many of them usedeven our great-grandparents, and quite successfully.But, unfortunately, these days few people know about the rituals, luck can turn to face you and ensure a stable financial position.

# 2

Of course, this does not mean that recourse to the ritual aid, you do not need to work anymore, the money will be going into your hands.Success comes only to those who act, work, including on himself, he leads an active lifestyle, and believe in their strength and capabilities.She loves people who are optimistic and achieve their goals despite the obstacles encountered in their way.

# 3

How to attract luck and money with ancient rituals.Oddly enough, but many people have almost the same traditions and rituals to attract money into your life, and it really works.A very common practice - to keep the broom broom up, used by many people to this day, but

not everyone knows that it is a powerful protection from bankruptcy.

# 4

No less known way to attract money put three red carnations in the northern corner of the room.With regard to the money boxes, then collect the copper money, this is a bad sign, but even more so to put a coin box in the headboard.In order to ensure a stable income in many traditions used candles of specific colors, which symbolize wealth and prosperity.

# 5

How to attract luck and money by using amulets.The action of the amulet has great strength and is able to attract into your life good luck and success.The most powerful are considered amulets, which are made independently, as they absorb the positive energy of its owner, and which attract luck and prosperity.

# 6

When creating an amulet, you need to be in good spirits, and put his heart and soul in what you do, this is directly reflected in its ability to attract good things in your life.If the amulet is purchased in a store, you can spend a special rite of purification.Put five candles around it, and think about the accomplishment of your plans until the candle is not completely burn out.