How to return the money luck ?

How to return the money luck ?
You will need:
  • Shell
  • Coin
  • essential oil of bergamot
  • molten wax
  • Green yarn
# 1

Fortune favors the brave and active people, who know whatThey want out of life and do not rely on the case.But sometimes it happens that luck is running out, but instead there are problems and troubles, which entail negative consequences.The first thing to remember - it's temporary difficulties, good luck, you can return and restore the lost balance.

# 2

Sometimes luck is like experiences we have, check the strength, and the main thing is not to give up, do not give up and continue to do their job, the only way to bring back luck, succumbed to despair, you will only alienate her from him.Despite the troubles, continue to feel like a successful person, it will create positive energy around you, which attracts good luck.

# 3

How to attract luck and money in the business.If things are going to work it would not be as successful as we would like, you can use the old proven method that will improve t

he financial position and will take you to the next level in business.For this you will need white shell found on the beach, or purchased at the store.

# 4

The shell cavity is necessary to put a metal coin, after brushing her essential oil of bergamot.Then, using green candles, fill the cavity of the shell molten wax shell and hide in a room in which drive your business.

# 5

A week later, you will notice significant improvements and get windfall profits.How to return the money luck that you left.In order to attract into your life the money, you need to make money ball, which attracts good luck and success.For its production, you will need one copper coin, a large bill, a green yarn and essential oil.

# 6

bills or copper coins need to tightly wrap the green yarn so as to obtain a ball of medium size.To tangle began to bring good luck in money, it is necessary to grease it with three drops of eucalyptus oil and bergamot or hung over the front door.