Attracts good luck and money

Attracts good luck and money
You will need:
  • Cup
  • Figure
  • Coins
  • Small thing
# 1

Change your life for the better is much easier than it seems at first glance.One need only know a few simple rules that will help attract good luck into your life.It is important to remember that luck chooses optimists, people who believe not only in themselves but also in what they do.

# 2

If on your way there are troubles and problems, no need to despair, and even more so, to doubt yourself.Each morning, wake up with the thought that you are rich and successful person, it creates a positive energy and attracts good luck.Do not let the problems of break you continue to move forward to the goal and success will definitely notice you.

# 3

How to attract luck and money by using the ancient Chinese method.You'll need a cup filled with rice, which must be installed in the hallway in a convenient location and preferably not in front of everybody.Within 27 days throw one coin into a cup of rice, mentally urging luck.

# 4

Think about what you need - money, wealth in the family, success in romantic relationships, can be spoken out loud.After this period, collect all the coins and share them.One part of the give to the poor, and take a second to some small thing.Purchased with the money thing, always keep to yourself, now it will serve you the amulet and be sure to attract good luck into your life.

# 5

How to attract money and luck without making rituals.It is important to understand that the involvement of luck completely depends on you, your goals, desires, and, of course, faith.Lack of faith and motivation will not lead to success, you need to completely surrender to the idea.Good luck comes to people who are not exchanged for trifles and constantly move forward through adversity and troubles to his dream.

# 6

drives away negative thoughts, they lead only to destruction.Always imagine yourself on top of success, feel to detail the rise and remember this feeling.Do this every day, waking up in the morning and going to sleep at night, you feel successful man, and luck is on your side.