How not to frighten away your luck ?

How not to frighten away your luck ?
You will need:
  • Hypericum
  • Clover
  • Basil
  • Dill
  • Do with herbs ward
# 1

Luck chooses for whom she follow and usually those peoplewho confidently move toward your goal, know what they want and know how to enjoy every moment of life, which is important.And if one day you have to get lucky by the tail, try to keep it, because it is enough to startle easily.

# 2

First of all, stay true to your ideas and dreams, do not worry, if your way there are troubles and minor problems, continue to do their work, and all the trouble will be a party.In addition to the strength of spirit, it is important to follow and for your body, health and order in the house.

# 3

How to attract luck few know, but even fewer people know how to keep it.Flush out your luck can such seemingly simple things like the mess in the house.Dirty laundry, unwashed dishes, scattered things, withered flowers, overflowing trash can cause the disappearance of your luck.

# 4

Particular attention should be paid to the mi

rrors, they should be placed in the house so that they are not reflected wires, debris, corners, scattered things, it is very important to avoid the mirrors cracked, it's not a good sign.The same applies to furniture, broken chairs and armchairs must be repaired or thrown out, they carry negative energy.Outlets and switches must work, without exception, and in no case do not hang on the wall.

# 5

How not to frighten the fortune that had just appeared in your life.If you get lucky, you're on the right track, keep moving in the same direction.If you still fear that can flush out your luck, that is a sure way, which is still used by our ancestors.

# 6

Collect and dry the herbs and flowers such as the St. John's wort, clover, basil and dill.Then tie in a tight bundle of dried herbs in the same amount.The resulting talisman for good luck and the lure should hang over the front door.In addition, this amulet contributes not only to attract good luck and prosperity, but also to protect your home from unwanted visitors.