How is a tsunami ?

How is a tsunami ?
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# 1

Tsunamis usually start with earthquakes under or near the ocean.They can also be caused by volcanic eruptions, nuclear explosions, and in very rare cases, the impact of a meteorite on the surface of the ocean.The most common type as there is a tsunami, it is the one that caused the earthquake.In these types of ocean bottom tsunami disturbed, which leads to great displacements of water.

# 2

Travel.Tsunamis travel at extremely high speeds over long distances.When the tsunami occur deep in the sea, the tsunami energy is contained in the entire depth of the ocean, on the surface there may be little visible wave activity or none at all.However, in the sea, a huge boost of energy that passes through the water at extremely high speed.Depending on where the tsunami happens, it can reach the coast from several minutes to several hours.

# 3

Shoal.Knowing exactly how there is a tsunami, find out how it behaves in the shallow

s.All the energy spread for kilometers from the ocean depths.Wave, which was previously invisible, becomes apparent on the ocean surface.The rate at which a tsunami wave moves, decreases and the wave height increases, because only water becomes smaller.When the tsunami approaches the coast, it reaches its maximum height.In large tsunami waves can be up to 30 meters in height.

# 4

kick.How formed the tsunami, it is interesting to many.This phenomenon is destructive, but, nevertheless, it is breathtaking.In the final stages of the tsunami wave hitting the shoreline.Small tsunami waves are hardly noticeable.In a large tsunami, there is often a small tidal wave.Sometimes, the wave can be enormous and affect the coastline with great force and power.

# 5

wave can travel, destroying everything in its path.Tsunamis usually consist of more than one wavelength.And the first wave is not always the greatest.Reaching the shore tsunami may form flooding and beach erosion.Wave destroys trees and vegetation with roots, breaks home, marinas, ports.People, animals and vehicles in the affected risk risk of being drowned.