How does the fireworks ?

How does the fireworks ?
You will need:
  • Magnesium Barium Strontium
  • Copper
  • Gunpowder
# 1

Many people wonder about the fireworks device.It is no secret to fans of pyrotechnics, but for the average person, it's like a ballistic missile unit - scary, is not clear.In fact, everything is simple and clear in this matter.On your device, fireworks resembles a hand grenade, where the explosive spreads a lot of iron fragments.Almost as in a rocket and fireworks.

# 2

If you remove her wrapper, we will see some plastic sections, and at the bottom, not a big charge of gunpowder, which lifts the rocket into the air.During the flight, light compartments, in which there is a charge of gunpowder and small pyrotechnics racket.In case of fire, Porozov ignites them, and scatters the sides.Here and there is a gap salute.

# 3

Another kind of explosion of fireworks is largely dependent on the location of the plastic compartments, relative to the main powder charge.Manufacturer knows exactly how to make fireworks, a part

icular coloring, or even the color assortment.However, they can also make any pattern at break rockets in the sky.This is achieved with proper placement of the rocket innards.

# 4

If stow compartments vertically in relation to the powder charge, you get a simple series of chaotic breaks.But if you put them in a circle with respect to a lifting charge, you get a nice symmetrical gap, at the same time of all the charges that will create a beautiful pattern in the night sky.Moreover, the number of charges is limited, only missiles dimensions.

# 5

This, incidentally, is the case when size does matter.The larger rocket, the higher it will fly, and a greater number of charges can raise.With the principle of action seems clear.Now it is necessary to tell, from what the explosion, sparks of different colors.One color or another is achieved by addition of chemical elements in the charges.This is the basis of how arranged fireworks.

# 6

As mentioned above, in the plastic compartments contained a mixture of powder and small rockets.That is added to the vehicle and material that gives the desired color during combustion.For example, magnesium burns white, barium burns bright golden color, strontium gives red color when burned, and copper - blue and yellow sodium lights.Thus, it turns out that Porozov raises shell and ignites the gunpowder charges and rackets, which impart color explosion.

# 7

The description has been missed this moment as the time, because we need to shell exploded in the air, not in the pipe on the ground.But for this is in the ignition.Each shell has several fuses.The first primer ignites the powder, which raises a projectile into the air, the second fuse ignites the first compartment, which fires a small rocket desired color, and thus ignited the other compartments.