How to send clear customs ?

How to send clear customs ?
You will need:
  • Inspection sending
  • Maximum visibility
  • Phone trust
# 1

A lot of people believe that it was during the customs clearance missing parcel.It is necessary to clarify the situation a little bit about it.Can corruption at customs and there, but it is up to the Chinese phone, tablet or small things, it is not exactly the case.Not so easy to steal a package, because there are a number of measures to curb the illegal actions of customs officers.

# 2

You should start with the fact that the staff, checking parcels and make it our not hidden indoors.Verification of international mail (MPO) is carried out directly on the shop floor for sorting mail, where the parcel is located, before passing customs.Hence the myth that the parcel was delayed at customs.Detain parcel at the post office.

# 3

If it is a regular inspection of parcels, it actually does not take time.Even if this examination with the opening, it also passes quickly, it's a chain, and she can not stop.In addition

to customs officers, in the shop there are also postal employees, and all under the supervision of cameras.Also, there is avoided an enclosed space.Those.maximum visibility necessarily on each side.

# 4

Also, the leadership in the office are glass partitions, and they can watch everything going on in the shop.And a video camera for monitoring the work of employees is not a local office of its own security, and even superior.If someone found it strange as parcels pass the customs, there is a telephone hotline, where you can report violations or misconduct.

# 5

Simply put, do something illegal premise is simply impossible, at this level of control, probably just no one dares.Also, customs officers do not conduct an autopsy of small parcels, the value of which does not exceed 100 euros.Such inspection shall be conducted selectively, as the contents of the value stated in the Declaration CN 22, which is attached to the package, and open it to determine the value, just do not need.Can not open in the case of correct filling CN 22.