How do hara-kiri ?

How do hara-kiri ?
You will need:
  • ritual dagger
  • Ready for ritual suicide
  • understanding of Japanese culture
  • ability to master emotions
  • volunteers kaishaku
# 1

only true samurai understand thethe value of honor and dignity.Protect your world, uphold lofty thoughts - that's calling the hero, ready to sacrifice their lives for their opinions.If we are so turned to a life that any other way does not have enough, you need to be prepared with purified consciousness and grim determination to resort to ritual suicide.

# 2

Japanese pinpointed the whereabouts of the soul - is not in the heel, and in the abdomen.And determining patented a beautiful view of death - hara-kiri.How do hara-kiri in detail spelled out in the bushido - the samurai code.Early in the morning, comb and putting pigtail (who do not have it, it is necessary specifically to commit harakiri to grow), only fasting Samurai wears a kimono and wrote a farewell tercet.Suit ink, but blood is much better.

# 3

for harakiri suit not every pla

ce - have to leave home, taking with him a mat, a snow-white cloth and scarlet cloth.The best option - go into the garden, where it spread out all brought with them.According to the code of bushido, the samurai before committing seppuku should sit on your heels.Body position - is very important.The purity of thoughts to the sky and the people can not be defended in another pose!

# 4

upper part of the kimono to be lowered to the knees, the sleeve - tied under the knees.This prevents the body ignominiously thrown back.Code of Conduct Samurai felting on the floor does not accept.In order to properly do harakiri, sharp knife kusungobu need to take in your right hand.And keeping a straight face, rip the belly.

# 5

Starting with the left side, must carry out suicide dagger slit to the right and decisive flick draw a bloody line down from the lower edge of the diaphragm to the navel.Note - the process of ripping the stomach is very painful.Injuries to the penetration into the abdominal cavity comparable in pain intensity with any other kind of wounds.

# 6

But Samurai readily and gratefully accepts all the flour, which is another manifestation of the power of the spirit.Next comes one-second - kaishaku decapitates falling body.Fine all will look suicidal head, dangling on a single flap of skin, not rolled off the fan in the blood spatter.

# 7

representative government lifts the head of the pigtail and shows around the head in profile.If suicide was bald, his left ear pierced with a knife, and the other way is lifted for inspection.For women harakiri is cutting the throat, then wilted flower of the samurai's wife is gently lowered onto the mat.