How to determine the age of the oak ?

How to determine the age of the oak ?
You will need:
  • Oak
  • Observation
  • Joinery accessories
  • Leisure
# 1

The easiest way - to cut down the oak and look at its annual rings.Accordingly, as the finished rings, so many years of oak.But this method is inhumane and not always suitable.Therefore, we analyze other ways.Oak - a tree that grows not only upwards, but also in breadth.And it's not just his trunk, and crown the whole, therefore, the more spreading crown, especially the old oak tree.

# 2

The same can be said about the height.But there are several but.Firstly, the quantity of crown largely dependent on weather conditions of the place where oak grows.The most effective way how to determine the age of the oak - a measurement of the diameter of the oak.Calculating it will be according to the formula.To measure the circumference of the start of oak by a meter.As we know more from the curriculum, circle equals 2pR.

# 3

That is for us to calculate the actual radius of the circle must be divided by 2π.Suppose oak circum

ference is 200 centimeters.This number must be divided by 6.28 (2h3,14) obtained about 32 centimeters.But as the rings are in a circle, we need to know the diameter of a, that is half the radius of the tree - 16 centimeters.

# 4

Now you can calculate the approximate age of the oak, taking into account the fact that an average of one year accrues annual ring of 2-3 millimeters.According to our size it turns out that the oak is now from 53 to 80 years.It should be noted that the thickness of each annual ring is different.Largely due to the fact, as he was a warm year, where there is an oak, how cold it was winter and other natural factors.

# 5

Exclude all other terms and conditions can be achieved by sawing the tree that grows near oak correct us, and to see how thick the annual ring from him, to calculate the average size and then have to consider the age of the oak.Another method, in principle, does not exist.There are special tests that allow the tree by taking wood samples at different levels of depth, to determine the age of the tree.But these tests are much expensive.