How to determine the age of a birch ?

How to determine the age of a birch ?
You will need:
  • Set joiner's tools
  • Meter
  • knowledge of mathematics
  • Calculator
# 1

Sometimes, in order to calculate how much quality will birch sap, or howgood wood will need to calculate the age of the birches.The task is quite complicated and can introduce some error.Of course, the most simple, but at the same time crucial way - simply cut a tree and count the number of annual rings.How many rings, so many years, and birch.

# 2

But if these methods do not suit you have to remember high-school mathematics.So how to determine the age of the birches with their help?First, we need a meter that allows obmeryaem Birch circumference of 30 centimeters from the ground.For example, we have turned a circle 40 centimeters.And if you remember the course of geometry, the circle is equal to 2π times the radius of the tree.

# 3

Of all these figures we need exactly the radius.And it is quite simple to long enough to divide 2p.π, all remember, equals 3.14.We find that 40 cm s

hould be divided by 6.28.Radius birch turns is 6 centimeters.But we do not need the radius, and diameter - half the radius, that is 3 centimeters.Why is the diameter?Because the rings are circular, and if we take the radius, the thickness of each ring will be counted as a result of two-fold.

# 4

So, we have a diameter birch - 3 centimeters.On average, each annual ring of birch is usually equal to 1-2 millimeters (this figure depends on the weather conditions of the place where the birch grows).It turns out that the approximate age of birch from 15 to 30 years.More specifically, will help determine the height of the birch.

# 5

If we consider that in the first 30 years in the year birch grows on average by 60-80 centimeters.And after 30 years - by 20-40 centimeters.But, again, this rate is highly dependent on weather conditions.Yes, this method has many disadvantages.Note that the thickness of the annual rings of a tree depends on the weather conditions each year, from the soil, which grows birch and other factors.