How to determine the biological age of a person ?

How to determine the biological age of a person ?
You will need:
  • Calculator
  • Paper
  • handle
  • Internet access
# 1

biological age - a measure, which may differ significantly from our real age.So many young people who survived the terrible shock in his youth (famine, war, disasters), overtook real biological age for decades.This is an indicator of how old your body feels.

# 2

about how to determine the biological age of the person, written many interesting articles.There is a great formula and more.You can easily find them on the Internet.But these formulas needed to calculate blood pressure, balance, how people can hold their breath and many other indicators.

# 3

What if we have at hand simply do not have those figures?For example, we see this person every day, but do not want him to know that we are trying to calculate his biological age?In principle, there is a way that, albeit with great accuracy allows to calculate the biological age of a person.It is based solely on his appearance.

# 4

So, first you need to know exactl

y the real age of the man.Without this number we do not find an answer as to know the biological age of a person.Suppose you want to project for 26 years.First of all, pay attention to skin color (but not the black people).

# 5

For a yellowish tinge to the skin can safely allow man 2 years to the actual age.The greenish hue - 4 years, bluish - 5 years old, gray hue - 3 years.For a healthy pink skin tone pull off from the real age of two years.Now look at the wrinkles on the face.For the presence of wrinkles on each of the areas of his face we add one year.Taking into account the following areas - forehead, bridge of the nose, corners of the eyes and the corners of his mouth.

# 6

Then look at the object of your nails.They must be smooth and straight.If it is not - add 2 more years.For excess weight, or, conversely, with the shortage of weight, add on 4 more years of life.If a person has a normal figure subtract two years.Now, for example.Our object 26 years, his skin has a greenish hue on the forehead there are wrinkles, nails healthy and he is overweight.It turns out that the object of our biological age - 35 years.