How volcanoes are formed ?

How volcanoes are formed ?
You will need:
  • Information about the structure of the Earth
  • knowledge about the types and kinds of volcanoes
  • scientific articles on geology
  • Passion theme
# 1

Regardless of the types and kinds of existingvolcanoes, the reason of their appearance alone.So remember to start the components of the planet Earth: the crust (hard outer shell) and mantle.The latter consists of two layers - a solid and constantly moving, and melted (magma), located at a depth of more than a hundred kilometers.

# 2

Learning the main factors of education "fire-breathing" of the mountains.Semi-liquid rocks are in the depths under very high pressure, because in addition to basaltic components they contain vapors and gases.Fire mass fills all the cracks and voids inside the planet and melts its way up into the form of channels.

# 3

study of the location of these passages explain how there was a volcano of one type or another.The closer to the lithosphere (surface hardened layer), the more magma out of ste

am and gaseous elements.They crushed a solid barrier, which contributes to its expulsion outside and gives an output of magma.

# 4

Determine the types of volcanoes.Vents as the pivotal channel with a crater filled not solidified lava - a sign of central volcanoes.Linear also have, as a rule, a very extensive and complex network of lava "fairways" and hardened, like a "squeezed" on the surface, shafts.We classify volcanoes form, based on the fact that it is the content of their emissions.

# 5

If the "newborn" with each explosion becomes higher, and its slopes - more sloping, it is safe to say that from its vents fly only ashes and stones (since formed the volcanoes of this type of heavyrubble that remain in the vicinity of the crater, and the rest is scattered away).Dome volcanic cone becomes, provided viscous magma is composed of granitic rocks, swells over the vents and clog the exit, like a cork.

# 6

Stratovolcanoes - a symbiosis of ash explosions and lava outpourings, and because their cones are a stone from the catacombs of cooling flows.Uniform lava effluents not only from the center, but also promote the formation of the slopes of cones thyroid.Determine for yourself the fact that volcanoes can occur both on land and on the ocean floor.In these cases, the volume of gases and vapors, facing the outside are the reason for the emergence of a tsunami.